Mixing street-style urban art with classic, craft design elements may seem hard, if not impossible, to do well. However, that’s what we’re seeing with Gronstedt’s P. Lex edition packaging design direction. The mix of 90’s era graffiti style taps into the burgeoning Swedish rap scene, while introducing a classic cognac brand to a new market. The agency, Nine, explains the challenge perfectly:

Scandinavian design usually embodies a balance of the old and the new, however, when the traditions of French cognac meets Swedish hip hop that balance is somewhat disrupted. The signature edition cognac is a collaboration by Grönstedts and Rapper / Connoisseur, Petter Alexis, who´s song, Mitt Sjätte Sinne has been visualized and hand illustrated by Puppet, the iconic, Swedish 90’s Graffiti Artist.

Designed by Nine in Stockholm, Sweden