These folks in Savannah are doing some great stuff. We’ll be chatting with one of them this month on the podcast, but I had to share their latest work for Atlantic, a neighborhood eatery in Savannah, Georgia. The Focus Lab team describes the ask:

With a nonconformist menu and unique service philosophy, Atlantic needed a brand that conveyed authenticity, heart, and overall quality of experience.

And they execute on that perfectly. Atlantic touts a strong, confident aesthetic, from the fine tuned script logotype through the simplicity of the menu designs. It’s not trying to be great, it’s just existing with the knowledge that strong layout and design speaks for itself. Cool blues and whites flood layouts providing a sturdy foundation for pops of bright orange. This creates a calm experience with moments of exhilaration. The overall feel creates intrigue. It draws your eye and your tummy.

Designed by Focus Lab in Savannah, Georgia