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Facebook for restaurants

So we all agree Facebook is as necessary as a website if you’re going to make any kind of traction with online marketing, right? Good. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about some ways NOT to use Facebook for your business.

Facebook has given businesses a way to connect directly to consumers on the consumers’ terms. It’s the epitome of why online marketing works. Facebook’s tools give businesses a way to engage them, bring them in and let them experience their brands. However, they can be used negatively without the restaurant or brand even knowing. Obviously this is detrimental as abusing a consumer’s acceptance of you will result in ejection and a bad reputation to their friends. Not good. So, let’s stave off some common pratfalls by other brands….

1. Serial Messaging

Look, there is no reason to message me about every single thing going on, every day at your bar or restaurant. It’s annoying and makes me want to unlike or defriend you. Be a little discerning with how you promote your specials and events. Do you think they are really THAT important? If not, then keep it light. Leave it as a status message. Let me come to you.

2. Fan Page vs. Profile Page

Stop trying to promote your brand or restaurant with a “personal” profile page. It’s called personal because it is just that; a profile page for a human. Along with the obvious, the profile page also keeps you from maximizing your fan base with a limit of 5,000 friends. Fan pages allow you to have unlimited fans, suggest your page to your friends, promote with Facebook Adsense, contain information relevant to your brand (not include info such as birthdate, marital status, ect.), and track your page interactions through the Facebook Analytics.

3. Event Blaster

Alright so why is it that everytime I go on my page i have the same events being sent to me day in and day out. I know you have a special on thursday, you’ve sent it to me every week for the past 3 months. If people are interested in hearing of an event then they will come to your page or website to read about it. What if some of the fans you have are from out of town and had been there only once in awhile. They’re obviously not going to be interested in anything you’re doing unless they are in the area. So stop sending every single event post to every fan you have, it’s annoying and no one likes spam.

4. Me, me, me

People don’t care about what you have to say all the time. Listen to your consumers and the things they are talking about and join in on their conversations where you can add a unique opinion or your expertise. When using social media, it is best to make a worthwhile contribution with your content. Display posts that will interest your fans to interact with it and want to share with their friends (Viral Posting).

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