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IceHouse Restaurant & Grille Branding

IceHouse Restaurant & Grille Branding

We had a lovely time developing the brand identity for IceHouse Restaurant & Grille. As a new restaurant opening in Palmyra we were tasked with building the image as experienced in menus, logo, most signage, website, and various other elements. Our goal was to meld the traditional, antique nature of the building with the contemporary vibe of the cuisine and interior design. Not an easy task. Here are most of the results:

Joseph serves as principal and creative director at Vigor, a restaurant and beverage branding and marketing firm, and curator/author/podcaster/host for Grits X Grids.


  1. I love the logo-indented sign. Great iconography, too!

    • I appreciate it! Thanks a bunch. The outdoor sign at the location is a gaudy work of woodcutting. It’s impressive if you’re into that style, but it goes against the rest of the brand. I hope the restaurant is still going strong.

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