Five Points Pizza Shop Branding

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Being from the Northeast, there is one things I know: Pizza. I can’t even count how many pizza shops I’ve eaten at over my life time. There’s one on every corner owned by the same families for generations. Unfortunately, those shops all have the same menu with a “give them every option” attitude that’s kept them in the kitchens and away from growth and expansion. What’s missing? A brand strategy and a little bit of guts to go against the status quo. Enter Five Points Pizza (designed by Stevaker.) Here is an unexpected brand for a pizza shop. It’s new. It’s modern. It’s fun. It’s NOT BLATANTLY ITALIAN. I’m liking this pizza shop’s identity because it breaks convention. It visually speaks the brand’s name without being complicated. It’s simple to visually digest, but different enough to stand out. This is the direction a pizza shop needs to go with the brand. Combined with a smaller, more focused menu and you could start seeing a streamlined business.

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