Vintage, Not Vintage In Atlantic City

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It’s not The Shore, but it’s still the Gambling Capital of the East  and also the city that inspired Monopoly. As it turns out, Atlantic City also inspired a nifty branding job by Mucca for a restaurant at one of the city’s non-gaming hotels, The Chelsea. Teplitzky’s isn’t a name property that would win right away, but all that is needed is a little time to marinate on it and discover the history of the name. Teplitzkywas a hotel in the 50’s that stood on the same site as The Chelsea, also home to the new version of Teplitzky. The restaurant is a 50’s- and 60’s-inspired diner and they’ve got the accents to prove it. With 60’s typography as the focal point of the branding, Teplitzky puts forward a branding image that looks like it has stood the test of time, a relic to the old days when room keys were only necessary if the door slipped closed and eggs were served one way: hot and scrambled. Teplitzky maybe takes a slightly more modern approach to their menu, but branding’s intent isn’t always to tell a potential customer about the food at a restaurant. The essence that Mucca gave Teplitzky creates a certain feeling and mood, a highly influential emotional appeal to the consumer. It’s vintage done so well that you forget it’s vintage.









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