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FK Frozen Custard food truck branding

FK Frozen Custard food truck branding

FK custard food truck branding and design by Plinth Agency

Why not continue the cartoony fun from yesterday? This time it’s for a custard food truck that was in desperate need of a rebrand. During successful and rapid growth, and found themselves in need of more than just a website.

By 2012, they became California’s first frozen custard food truck and one of the highest rated on Yelp. The company was growing fast and they came to Plinth to develop a new website. Along the way they realized that they needed to re-fresh their brand.

The agency guided them towards a more gourmet positioning without losing the playful nature of the original identity. Making smart moves like positioning it as “west coast style custard” was an excellent way to create a local feel without saying, “local.” Additionally, the highly graphic illustration styles elevated the look to be less mom-and-pop in exchange for better “pop.”  Topping it off with clever one-liners that allude to the quality of product seals the deal for an excellent brand with a differentiated messaging.

Designed by Plinth Agency
Photography by Waylan Choy

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