Halfwit Roasters branding & package design

Halfwit Coffee Roasters is a craft coffee company that focuses on providing baristas and consumers with a panoramic understanding of coffee from the first leaf to the final sip. This mantra plays out in its brand identity which takes a super scientific approach to the design elements and execution.

The set of icons that drive the brand’s uniqueness have a chemistry-like feel. They’re encased in a hexagon shape so they can interlock and live on their own as needed. The color palette is cold, almost like a lab would be with its fluorescent lighting and slightly chilly temperature.

The coldness of the design aesthetic is offset by vintage, nostalgic photography displayed in monochromatic tones. It’s as if George Orwell got together with John Robinson over a delicious cup of Joe.

Designed by Firebelly (who also designed Dollop if you’re interested in seeing more of their work.)

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