I love a restaurant with a sense of humor. Today we’re checkin’ out Gaja in our very own city of Atlanta. We believe the current design is by Brothers Inc. lead by Alvin Diec. (if not, please let us know and we will credit the correct designers) And the interior is by Smith Hanes.

Their website and menu went through two iterations, the first was very brothers style featuring their classic “un-design” style, it’s very reminiscent of the early days of the internet. It rivals my first website made with geocities. We believe designers would look at their website and see the tongue in cheek nod to bad design but the general public just wouldn’t get it and move on to something else. So their new website is colorful and bold and the only clickable options are their menu, an interactive gif of a guy getting slapped with an eel and a video of Alan Partridge playing air guitar to Daft Punk’s, Get Lucky.

Their restaurant is only identifiable by the sea green painted bricks and a simple sign that looks like it was taken out of a Korean town ally way. The interior is cheeky and playful with its shelf of trinkets and wall of Korean graphic posters. The details are really fun and the food is really great. (I have yet to eat here but I’ve heard good things and I’m going to try to encourage my co-workers to visit here for lunch next week.)