People’s is a non-profit food truck bringing ‘feel good food’ to the city of Atlanta run by City of Refuge, whose mission is to “bring light, hope, and transformation to Atlanta’s last, lost, and least.” It serves up a menu inspired by the Mississippi Delta created by prolific Atlanta chef and restaurateur, Ford Fry.

The identity, illustrations, and overall brand were created by Samira Rahimi during her time at Iconologic, now known as Icon. The brand revolves around these wonderfully endearing ink illustrations that put a smile on anyone’s face. They work great as an overall pattern on various collateral pieces, and work just as well as individual pieces, really letting that hand-painted inky texture shine. The logo itself is pretty simple and standard; I almost wish it was less vector-perfect to fit in with the charming imperfect illustrations, but the orange color does contrast very nicely from the brown-black ink.

Design by Samira Rahimi.