Teamwork makes the dream work. This is a gorgeous demonstration of where art direction, illustration, interior design and photography all work together to make this masterpiece of a restaurant. Inspired by the turn of the century, in the time of great food halls, Börze is bringing back that special detail that used to be a part of everyday life for the people living in Budapest. Börze is specializing in that fine detail and bringing you an experience you’ll never forget, from the brass light fixtures to the incredible tile work, right down to the ladylike guineafowl donning an elegant pair of boots. The illustrations in the menu inspire a fantasy about the place, featuring foxes with bowties and rabbits with bowler hats. These animals and the restaurant interiors clearly have one thing in common, style.

Börze is located in Budapest, Hungary as are it’s creators listed below.

art direction, graphic design by Eszter Laki
illustration by Zsófia Perger
junior graphic designer Réka Imre
interior design by Márton Lengyel
photography by Balázs Glódi &  Gábor Stiglincz