I’ve had many homes, and one of those homes happened to be in lovely Charleston, South Carolina. One day I might move back, take long walks under the live oaks and Spanish moss, a bike ride to a favorite coffee shop to meet a friend or take a home tour through one of the many historic homes in Charleston. If you haven’t been, you must.

On that thought, let’s focus on the Harbinger cafe & bakery. I’ve never been before but just imagine it with me. Taking a walk with the dog in the slow, sleepy morning. Popping into the cafe for a coffee and scone before grabbing a seat on the patio with a good book in hand. What a lovely life.

The Harbinger identity introduces an inspiring character to the locals of Charleston.  The logo is handwritten and created with love; just like the imperfect, made-from-scratch baked goods they make every morning. The illustration brings the charm and heart the bakery gives back to the community.

This brand identity was created by the always amazing Fuzzco located in Charleston & Portland.