PLB Craft Beer Packaging by Nicole Poggi and Jona Sbarzaglia

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Italian Brand Strategist, Nicole Poggi, and designer, Jona Sbarzaglia teamed up to create this earthly craft beer packaging for Tuscany, Italy based Podere La Berta winery and brewery or PLB.  Inspired by the land, human nature, and rugby; this assortment of beer is connected by earthy tones and beautiful illustrations. Most of the beer names are connected to rugby terms but I am racking my brain a little bit as a few of the illustrations aren’t apparent in what they represent. Aside from that the packaging together represents all-embracing human nature.

The bottles also stand out well on a shelf. Whereas most breweries (at least stateside) are opting for cans these days because they’re cheaper to produce and more environmentally friendly, the bottles still have an elegant feel about them. The minimalistic, type-forward labels are also different from most beer that try to cram as much information and illustration on their labels as possible.


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