Tarka Indian Kitchen has 8 locations throughout Texas, setting itself apart from other upscale fast casuals by serving fresh, high-quality made-to-order food with customizable menu items. ‘Tarka’ (according to the case study on Wall-to-Wall Studios website) translates into the “sizzle of freshly sauteed ingredients, a sound and aroma that welcomes diners.”  The logo is a bold, custom wordmark that looks to be inspired by the Hindu Sanskrit alphabet. This illustrative style is applied throughout the visual system, influencing the iconography and other marketing materials. Wall-to-Wall also had a hand in planning the environment and decor of current and future Tarka locations, taking familiar Indian visuals and giving them a contemporary and approachable feel. Brightly painted walls, compelling mandalas, and food poster art all take cues from street art and the urban vernacular of modern India.

Tarka Indian Kitchen by Wall-to-Wall Studios.