Moonshine is one of those spirits that is currently in the process of being ‘rediscovered’ by the American public. The kind of bathtub you’ll-go-blind-and-then-die stuff is very obviously still illegal, but that hasn’t stopped distillers from trying their hand at a legal-but-just-as-strong attempt at the stuff. Stillhouse Moonshine, especially, doesn’t mess around. They’ve packaged their moonshine in stainless steel cans, yes the kind that they store solvent and other corrosive materials in. Which, when you think about it conceptually, is both hilarious and terrifying to think of the spirit in these cans. Sandstrom Partners was tasked with creating the identity and packaging from Stillhouse, and has this to say about the project:

Our intent was to avoid cliché and pure novelty while remaining true in character and strong in attitude. The solution was inspired by the industrial strength and utility of oblong cans used for turpentine and mineral spirits to suggest a daring challenge, and therefore fun. It’s purposefully ironic as the whiskey is quite delicious–distilled and produced to the absolute highest standards.

Stillhouse Moonshine Identity & Packaging Design by Sandstrom Partners.