Vueltabajo Packaging and Design by Futura

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Vueltabajo is a wine that is meant to be shared among friends and loved ones, inspired by a quote from writer Julio Cortázar; “Every time I will feel less and remember more…”. On each bottle’s label there is a detachable piece, in which you can write the names of the people you shared the bottle with, or notes from the conversation, in order to look back on it fondly and relive the memory. Agency Futura doesn’t go into much detail regarding the other aspects of the design, saying they chose the look to ‘create something different’, but I’ll go out on a limb and say that the use of black and white photography of the writer who inspired this idea was meant to invoke a sense of nostalgia. The pastel brush strokes over the bottle and the other pieces adds a surreal, dreamy touch to everything. It’s a beautifully executed concept, I just wish I knew more about Cortázar’s literature to do a more in-depth review of it.
Vueltabajo Packaging and Design by Futura.


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