For a business to last over a hundred years is no easy feat. Branding a business that has lasted that long to represent time-honored traditions is about just as hard. Bakery Buchgraber has hardly changed how it does things since 1911, and the new look created by Riebenbauer reflects this reverence for history. Their seal is based off of a regional Austrian tradition; blessing a loaf of bread with a bread seal. Naturally, a cross was incorporated into the seal, as was a heart and the year of the bakery’s inception, representing the tradition, community, and passion that carried the bakery for over a century.

Riebenbauer took things one step further and photographed the bakery using another time-honored tradition; medium-format. Each photo you see in this post was developed and scanned, with no retouching or color correction.

Bakery Buchgraber Branding, Packaging & Photography by Riebenbauer.