Woodpecker Hill is a steakhouse-inspired restaurant that has a nostalgic brand. The dark, warm palette feels inviting and comfortable, and the retro custom typography adds to its classic American steakhouse feel, despite it being a New Zealand restaurant. The woodpecker mascot adds to this 1950’s motif, feeling a bit Looney Toon-ish in a classy kind of way. It’s a brand with a lot going on, that through the use of color and typography is able to keep everything looking cohesive. A weighty spur serif is used extensively, from the website to interior signage to house wine labels and even to house-made pre-bottled cocktail mixes.

So, as much as I would like to give credit to an agency, it seems like I can’t find actual proof as to who designed this suite of work. If anyone has any leads, please let us know!