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Compass Box Stranger Packaging by Stranger & ...

Compass Box Stranger Packaging by Stranger & Stranger

To celebrate their decade-long partnership, Compass Box worked together with their design firm, Stranger & Stranger, to produce a limited release Scotch blend of the same name. Artfully embossed on textured paper and accented with luxurious gold foil, this label marries the soft, structural elegance of Greek statues with the precision of modern-day typography and composition. The marble etching-inspired serif typography and the compass framing the gold-foiled pour give this beverage an aspirational intrigue that makes you think “is this what Zeus drank?”

Compass Box Stranger Packaging by Stranger & Stranger.

Chia-Yu is a senior designer with an illustration problem he tries not to confront or talk about at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency. His love of strange design quirks, sci-fi creature designs, exotic foods, Asian whiskeys, and dry humor makes him equal parts weird and surprisingly adept at navigating client requests. He writes here occasionally to please his boss(es).



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