Baron Samedi Spiced Rum Branding & Packaging Design by Moxie Sozo

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Looking at the label for Baron Samedi spiced rum, you might have to look twice to catch all the detail put into its leading illustration. At first, you see the face of Baron Samedi himself, a loa of Haitian Vodou. On looking again, you see that the face isn’t a face at all, but instead built out of other voodoo symbols; snakes, coffins, alligators, oh my. Why choose this particularly devilish character as the face and name for this rum, though? According to Moxie Sozo CEO Evan Faber in an article written by the Dieline, it’s because he “is known for his beguiling charm, outrageous behavior, and — like the liquid that bears his name — for guiding souls to an excitingly unexpected world.”

Baron Samedi Spiced Rum Branding & Packaging Design by Moxie Sozo.


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