San Elote Co. Branding by Alvaro Franco

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I am especially thrilled to bring you all this new project! Directly from my homeland, Sant Elote Co. is a restaurant in Cali, Colombia and the main product they sell is corn or elote. As many of you may know Catholicism is deeply rooted in Latin American culture, that’s why the symbology of the saints is so important and feels so entangled to our culture.

For this brand, designer Alvaro Franco was tasked with the goal of creating a visual identity that represented both the product and this concept of the ‘sacred’. Franco came up with a fun and dynamic brand identity that is both bold and clever. What we love the most about this brand is that it represents two of the most meaningful characteristics of Latin American culture; its profound connection with both, religious iconography and the product of the land which connects us all to our indigenous and colonial roots.

San Elote Co. Branding by Alvaro Franco


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