Sparkling Botanicals Branding by Studio MPLS

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Here at GxG we are big fans of tea, now could you imagine the beauty of blending tea with the amazing texture of sparkling water? Well, that is pretty much what this brand is all about. Sparkling Botanics is a brand owned by Rishi, if you may recall they have been making incredible tea since 1997, so using the experience they’ve collected through the years, they developed a way to brew these herbs, fruits, and spices into a way that the sparkling water would elevate these flavors even more.
This is not the only time Rishi has worked in collaboration with studio MPLS and there’s no doubt why, their approach to the visual identity is very modern yet it has a nostalgic feel to it, that keeps it rooted to the origins of the tea production and our associations with its traditional values. The use of pastel colors and the labels give the brand an achronological impression, reminisce to different centuries yet completely contemporary and relevant for today’s market.

Sparkling Botanicals Branding by Studio MPLS

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