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Herschel’s Coffee Co Branding by Marka Netwo...

Herschel’s Coffee Co Branding by Marka Network

Herschel’s Coffee Co is a cafe in Amsterdam, heavily inspired in vintage apothecary labels and packaging but juxtaposed with very modern typography, giving it a very unique feel. Marka Network came up with this coffee packaging that makes you almost want to collect it instead of actually drinking it, and that is when you know they hit the nail on the head. With very simple elements like pastel blue and cream stripes and the layout of the labels, they achieved a strong and very unique visual identity that could be found in a Wes Anderson movie.

Herschel’s Coffee Co Branding by Marka Network


Maria is a designer, creative, and human currently working at Vigor where she creates amazing branding and marketing alongside her extraordinary team. After leaving her hometown Bogota, Colombia, she ventured herself to the humid lands of Atlanta, GA. Where she is growing professionally and personally. Being a type 4 on the enneagram she sees life and creativity as a way to catalyze the world's beauty and strives to create things that arouse emotions in people, or at least a giggle. In her free time, she loves being outside, creating collages, and indulging herself in art, design, and anything creative that enhances her romantic views of the world.



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