Forktales Ep 06 / Ayman Kamel / Owner of 5Church, Art of War Fan

After founding 5Church, Mr. Kamel has steadfastly grown a strong culture while pushing ahead through the pandemic. His love of Sun Tsu’s The Art of War has served as a guide and inspiration for the interiors of 5Church. Find out how.

  • The ceiling in 5Church – the painted words are an unexpected ambiance.
  • Importance of a good team/staff
  • Unemployment and its effect on hiring/current staff in restaurants.
  • The future of fine dining post-Covid



“Remarkable moments don’t have to be a thousand dollar sculpture, it can be writing on the ceiling.”

“Atlanta has some of the most amazing people [staff]—hard workers, and people who are proud of what they do.”

“Every guest counts. Every client that comes in here, we depend on the fact that on the way out of the restaurant, after having a great experience, [we want people to think] ‘I’m coming back to 5Church to hang out again.’”

“When humans go through something tough together, they come out stronger on the other side.”

“There is only ‘we’.” (The Art of War) – a motto the staff and team at 5Church live by.

“Stability starts with a strong leader.”

“We emphasize how important each and every single position in the company is. From the dishwasher, to the marketing, to the sales, to BOH. We all know each other.”

“We make sure that [new people] are a part of the team from Day 1.”

“The fun atmosphere is even better at 5Church.”

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