Goldie’s Rotisserie branding by Super Creative

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There are a lot of restaurant brands adopting a “back to basics” position when it comes to cuisine and visual presentation. The challenge with this approach is giving “basic” elements emotional impact and memorability.

I love the work Super Creative did for Goldie’s Rotisserie, a chicken-chuckin’ food truck that roams Martha’s Vineyard, because it strikes a balance in everything. The sun mark is approachable yet has its own warm personality. The script brand type is rooted yet fully customized for a signature feel. And the color palette is soaked in vintage nostalgia without becoming sleepy or dull.

Individually, each part of the identity feels familiar and approachable (like a juicy rotisserie chicken) but as a whole, the brand evokes a sunny vibe with elevated attention to detail (like the flaky finishing salt on top of the chicken). The result is worth sinking your teeth into.

Designed by Super Creative

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