The Barish at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel by Memo

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Memo’s brand design work for the food and beverage concepts in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel are expressions of classic design excellence. With an emphasis on strong, yet unique typography, the brand identity stands with confidence while delivering a sense of honor for the hotel’s origins and foundation history.

The hotel’s F&B suite includes The Barish, a full service restaurant experience, Lorenzo’s, a wine and cheese bar, and The Lobby, a lobby bar for the hotel. Each concept has its own vibe, but they are united with common elements like duotone vintage photography and graphic devices that hold said photography.

While I wouldn’t call the brand identity unique, its design excellence shines through in sound principles. It doesn’t rely on kitsch or faux-distressing techniques to communicate the history. Instead, smart curation of typography, design of graphic elements, and the general composition are all indicative of a seasoned eye and design acumen. 

This is a gorgeous identity that’s well thought out and executed.

Designed by Memo NY

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