The Bearded Lady restaurant branding by école studio & Franko

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What could be more fun than mixing the strange and weird with food? That was the vision for The Bearded Lady, a full service restaurant in Amsterdam. 

The identity projects a colorful expression of oddities with lovely illustrations that feel like posters at times. The subject matter covers the bases of Vaudevillian icons like the three-eyed cat and bearded lady, of course. Classic tiki icons are also leveraged to give a beachy vibe to the restaurant’s experience. 

Here is what the teams at ecole Studio and Franko have to say about the work and approach:

Rated as one of the best and small dining restaurants in Amsterdam, “De Vrouw met de Baard” or “the Bearded Lady” feels like walking into a cozy and kitsch home.

United by the motto that everyone is welcome, the approach was to illustrate four different quotes that consolidate the experience of The Bearded Lady: Fire comes from within, Soul is love, Weird makes us special & Strange is unique. With this parameter in mind, graphic elements, handmade mural, bandanas, menus, and wine glasses were developed to create a unique and meaningful branding.

Overall, the identity is fun and unique. It draws the eye in with the intricacy of the illustrations and delivers a whimsical moment that creates connectivity to the restaurant’s brand.

Designed by ecole studio & Franko

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