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Advertising Opportunities

Grits & Grids attracts designers and creative professionals from around the world, as well as a mix of restauranteurs, owners, chefs and up and coming industry folks. Primarily pulling from the United States, the site touts a specific niche market that’s attentive and open to new products and services that will help them work better and more successfully.

Instagram Advertising

11,000 followers and counting, our Instagram viewership is on the rise. From sponsored posts and stories to unique collaborations and product reviews, the opportunities to leverage our audience are wide open.

Email Advertising

We have a number of opportunities for advertising to our email list which is currently at 1000 subscribers. There are banner ad opportunities in our weekly email digest and we also offer a sponsored message setup and fulfillment to those companies that meet our requirements.

Website Advertising

Currently, we receive approximately 8,000 sessions and 30,000 pageviews per month. Each session is about 2:40 minutes and 3+ pages visited. There are three ways to advertise on our website: Banner ads, sponsorships, and sponsored content. You can also roadblock it all. More info on this coming soon.

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