Grits and Grids podcast on restaurant beverage marketing branding and creative

As a frequent podcast listener I enjoy some great shows on the topic of design and creativity. My one bugaboo has been that a lot of them are simple short question and long answer formats. It’s great to hear the stories – don’t get me wrong – but I wanted to spark conversations on key topics in the world of creativity as as well as the restaurant, food and beverage marketing industries.  Grits X Grids is the perfect platform to launch a podcast of this nature.

Every month features a theme based loosely on common issues faced during that time of the year (or we simply have a good idea). Every week we chat with someone in the creative, restaurant, food or beverage space on a specific topic pertaining to that theme. The conversations are short, but mighty – we keep things to 30-40 minutes. About the same time it takes to finish good food and drink. In fact, that’s the core of our podcast’s focus: Good talks over good food and drink.

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Upcoming Shows & Themes

Passion / February 2017

Sure, it may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s a big subject and what better month to discuss than February. The Hallmark month of love. We’ll chat about passion projects, passion for life and career, and maybe shed a tear or two with our guests.

Episode 022 / Team TalkGinger Donel, Associate Creative Director

Episode 023 / Writing for life – Jason Donnelly, copywriter and author

Episode 024 / Just my type – Mattox Shuler, type designer extraordinaire & board game inventor

Episode 025 / Telling stories – Nate Scronce, visionary behind Long Stories Short

Luck or Hustle / March 2017

When you’re on top other people look and think “that person’s lucky.” However, we know it’s 90% hustle, and 10% luck. This month we chat with some industry leaders who are changing their game and doing new things that make us all a bit envious.

Episode 026 / Team TalkSimon Candy, Executive Creative Director

Episode 027 / In God We MustMatt Mulkey and John Richards

Episode 028 / Armin Vit of Under Consideration

Episode 029 / Ladd Forde Photographer

Spring Cleanup & Reinvention / April 2017

Chances are things are messy somewhere in your creative life. Whether it’s as simple as your desk, or as complicated as your career, this month we chat about cleaning things up, reinventing yourself, focusing on goals, and staying motivated.

Episode 030 / Team Talk – TBD

Episode 031 / Bill Gardner – Logo Lounge & Gardner Design

Episode 032 / John Turner – BoyBurnsBarn

Episode 033 / TBD – TBD