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Rules of Engagement

This isn’t a Q and A session; it’s a conversation. We want to have real, honest, raw discussions about the month’s theme and week’s topic. Our listeners are mostly designers and marketing folks who wanting entertaining chats that inform, educate, and spark thought. That said, this isn’t the platform to promote your new book or project outright.

Keep it real.

It’s important to keep things real and un-practiced. Focus on the information and value you’re giving and this will be great. Feel free to let out the emotion if something is frustrating. Don’t feel bad if an F-bomb slips. We’re not children here.

It’s a conversation, not a spotlight.

GXG is conversational by design. That means there may be questions asked, but it’s not meant to be a spotlight on you, your studio, your work, or anything like that. It’s meant to get or keep the conversation rolling so we can chat about thinking, creativity and whatever trouble bubbles up.

Eat and drink during the interview.

This is a food and beverage focus so please feel free to eat and drink. We’ll edit any gross sounds out. Follow this rule because I may ask you what’s for breakfast.

Promote naturally and organically.

Yes, this is a chance to rope in your company’s brand and uniqueness, but it has to be done in a way that’s natural to the conversation. Use your work examples as a way to demonstrate your point via real world experiences.

Use good equipment.

Quality of sound is really important, and we may be inclined to reject the talk because it’s poor. So, please use good equipment. If you don’t have it, here are some links to buy good stuff at a good price. You’ll use it again and again so take leap:
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