Editorial Team

Grits & Grids is a passion project of Vigor, and it’s the Vigor team that make this site tick. Here are a few of the authors and curators that you can thank online or in person. We do this because we love it.

Joseph Szala, founder, writer, author, podcaster

Joseph Szala

Joseph is the founder of Grits & Grids. He serves as a thought leader for restaurant branding, marketing, and design and creates content that fuels trends, new thinking, and fresh ideas in the restaurant space. When not writing for Grits & Grids, Joseph leads the charge at Vigor, a restaurant branding and marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia.
Natalie Suarez

Natalie Suarez

Natalie leads up the organization and workflow of project reviews while contributing her own objective critiques. Her keen eye for design and groundbreaking work helps elevate the commentary and conversation on Grits & Grids. When not writing for G&G, she serves as Art Director at Vigor.
Maria Tamayo

Maria Tamayo

Maria helps curate and critique the many projects we serve up on Grits & Grids. Her unique approach to design and creativity fuels her passion for restaurant branding and design. At Vigor, Maria serves as designer helping to create fresh, vibrant work for each of the agency's clients.

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