Please collect and zip up all photography and graphic layouts you wish to be featured into a folder named accordingly: “Project Title – Agency Name”

Make sure all files are JPG and at least 1200px wide. We do prefer them to be 1920px wide. Height is at your discretion but please do NOT submit one large file of all images because we will not post it and your project will be rejected.

Promotional Opportunities

Submitting your work for consideration to Grits & Grids is completely free. However, you will be put into a queue for review which can vary in length of time. 

We do offer two paid options that you may want to consider. First is a Priority Review option for $35USD. This will push your project to the top of the pile and ensure it’s reviewed within a few days.

The second item is a promotional package to get the most out of your post should we choose it for inclusion. For $165USD, we will add your submission to the home page slider until it’s bumped by another project. We will add a custom Instagram story of your work, and send out a dedicated email to our list.