Holy Smoke restaurant is a russian-born concept designed by Bureau Bumblebee. The brand’s vibe is rustic, earthy with a chic design aesthetic. The typography is a beautifully inspired custom design that takes influence from the i-beams and industry angles found in the space. The hand made nature plays well to tie into the experience that’s described perfectly by the studio:

The interior consists of natural materials and hand made lights, furniture and decor.  Worn textures, charred wood, white brick walls, and vintage mirrors combine to create a unique atmosphere that is reinforced by earthen colors softened by an “effect of dust”.  The resulting space is a cozy urban oasis for a refined clientele.
The studio introduces earthy patterns that are handcrafted across all the touchpoints that serve as a visual glue to the identity. The various options for the patterns give each piece a unique feel while keeping them tied together in the family.
Designed by Bureau Bumblebee
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