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Big Lug Canteen restaurant branding

Big Lug Canteen restaurant branding

Big Lug Canteen restaurant branding by CODO Design in Indianapolis, USA

Had to post this awesome work for Big Lug Canteen, a brewpub located in Nora, Indiana. The ultra-modern and nearly cartoony feel gives brand a campy, fun-loving vibe. Bright colors are supported by a highly industrial-chic interior experience creating enough contrast to be memorable and unique. I especially enjoy the logo which, although obvious in idea, is quite wonderfully executed. It gets especially interesting when it’s degraded to just typography and the graphic of the is applied perfectly to the “G” letterform.

That canteen graphic serves as an excellent device for each of the beer logos. Driving home the character and feeling of the brand effectively.

Designed by CODO Design.
Photography by Chris Whonsetler

CODO - Big Lug 09

CODO - Big Lug 012

CODO - Big Lug 06

CODO - Big Lug 011

CODO - Big Lug 05

CODO - Big Lug 04

CODO - Big Lug 010

CODO - Big Lug 07

CODO - Big Lug 08

CODO - Big Lug 03

CODO - Big Lug 02

CODO - Big Lug 01

CODO - Big Lug 013

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