Falasophy food truck branding

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I about fell out of my seat when I saw this truck. It’s so elegantly designed with the right amount of tongue-in-cheek tonality to make it stick with you. The food truck is described as “a gourmet falafel and hummus bar that comes in the shape of a food truck and provides a fresh interpretation of craveable street food, using the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible.” Based in Orange County, California, the competition in the food truck space is pretty stiff. From over-the-top designs to low-budget jallopies, the scene has been thriving for years. Standing out is a challenge. Standing out and being remembered is an even bigger one.

The Falasophy food truck brand features the use of handrendered, pen and ink style illustrations mixed with classic dictionary-esque typography and tone. The deep, soft blue compliments the bright orange perfectly and gives it the foundation to pop. The brand’s tone of voice is epic with many references to theology making the brand seem like a religion… in a good way.

Designed by Design Womb
Photography by Michelle Edmunds Photography





















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