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Fair State Brewing Co-op branding & packaging

Fair State Brewing Co-op branding & packaging

Fair State Brewery branding and packaging by Little & Co in Minnesota

Fair State Brewing is a cooperative brewery located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With the craft beer industry teeming with competition and no shortage of excellent design work throughout, this brewery and the design team behind it had its work cutout for them.

As a co-op, the brewery is equally focused on producing perfectly crafted beer and building a strong community of members. Inspired by this passion, we developed a unique brand position, naming, identity system, and brand platform that reflect the brewery’s one-for-all feel. At the heart of the identity is the iconic “infinity pint”—an infinity symbol that morphs into a beer glass—which speaks to the unending connection between brewer and community.

The aesthetic is quite refreshing in a world where over-design happens all too often. The clean simple lines visually communicate the infinite cycle of cooperation while serving as an unforgettable mark to define the brand’s values. The interiors take the torch and push the brand-first approach further to create a memorable space threaded with the unique flavor of Fair State Brewing.

Designed by Little & Co
Additional Credits:
Furniture Design: Jon Yue, LLC
Architecture: NELSON

FSBC_exterior_night FSBC_exterior_pint_v FSBC_interior_1 FSBC_interior_2 FSBC_interior_3 FSBC_interior_clipboards FSBC_interior_mural FSBC_interior_pint_glasses FSBC_interior_tap_handles FSBC_interior_window_logo FSBC_packaging_1 FSBC_packaging_2 FSBC_packaging_3 FSBC_packaging_4

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