A new adventure: message from Joseph

Hi there Friends,

Before you fret, let me be up front, we’re not ending Grits X Grids. However, over the next three weeks the semi-consistent posts will be more sporadic. I’m leaving for Italy to get married to the wonder woman whom I adore, admire, and feel completely lucky to have met. We’ll be married in Amalfi then will be traveling throughout Italy hitting Rome and Venice. From there we’ll be hopping over to Barcelona then to Paris. During this time I will be posting images of restaurants and beverage brands and experiences I think are worth sharing on the Grits X Grids Instagram account @GritsGrids. Additionally, I plan to culminate sets of images for longer form posts here on Grits X Grids with more commentary and critique for your reading pleasure.

If there are spots you think I should hit while in one of these cities/towns, please do tag me on Twitter @GritsGrids and/or @Vigor

Stay tuned and thanks, as always, for visiting and enjoying this site and passion project.


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