Contro Mano craft beer branding & packaging

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Obviously craft beer is blowing up as we’re in the midst of its Renaissance. However, many craft beer brands and their packaging fall into a very similar look and feel. It becomes obvious when you’re scanning the shelves of your local beer aisles. Highly illustrative with a more classic illustration leading the predominant style. It’s like looking at a wall of metal band CD art. However, some brands have decided that being different is good for business. Contra Mano is one of them.

Yes, they employ illustration as the main part of the design, but the style of illustration is much different. Furthermore, typography plays a big role in the art work. It’s hand made with a looser aesthetic that puts the focus on creating an attitude for each beer style. Each one has a different design and illustration, but collectively they have a similar feel creating a family to the brand. This approach has been done excellently by Flying Dog Brewery who’s used Ralph Steadman‘s work as their most iconic element.

Designed by Kero in London, UK

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