John Barr is an award-winning whisky, but looking at its previous bottle design, it lacked the visual cues of high-quality product. Cue proposed a ‘tradition forward’ approach to the new design and packaging, creating a look that is modern yet still retains a sense of history to it. Adding ‘Since 1881’ to each bottle reminds the consumer that this is whiskey with longevity, despite the new look. Labels feature a textured label, with a linear pattern on it reminiscent of a fine suit, a gorgeous monogram, and a spur serif that adds a casual class to the overall brand. The older design features the logotype in a fancy script, which falls a bit flat in terms of being a quality cue. Additionally, Cue created a digital experience for John Barr whiskey, seamlessly translating the dark and elegant brand experience to a website and app.

John Barr Whisky Branding & Packaging by Cue.