Prayer Saints & Sinners Packaging by Stranger & Stranger

There’s something that is just simply fascinating about wine labels that make some of us, fanatics, wander around the wine aisle for hours. But every now and then we find that one label that is absolutely exceptional, the kind that you just can’t forget, and you might even end up buying purely based on the label. This is the case of Prayers of Sinner & Saints, two bottles that it will almost be a sin to separate from one another. Stranger & Stranger are well -known for their unprecedented branding in alcoholic drinks, but this one is quite special for us. Maybe it is the impeccable use of collage, the playful game between the two labels, Sinners or Saints, or the innovation in printing using phosphorescent ink, but we are absolutely obsessed with these two wines.

What we love the most about this brand is how they bring together classic graphic elements of traditional wines, like the typography, and this contemporary use of collage and create two unforgettable products.

Prayer Saints & Sinners Packaging by Stranger & Stranger

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