Leo’s is an oyster bar located in San Francisco created by A Big Night Restaurant Group. The brand identity and concept development was also created by the group, rather than an agency or studio partner which makes the look even more impressive. Leo’s look brings forth nostalgic elements found in old fashioned wall paper patterns, and mixes them with simple, modern typography. This crafts an upscale identity and vibe, while maintaining an approachability often lost in modernism. The vintage appeal is delivered excellently without being cliche, or boring. The greens mix well with the golds and pops of rose colors – a tough feat as these colors usually fall into a Christmas-y feel.

Designed in house by A Big Night Out Restaurant Group

leos_diner_photo_05 leos_diner_photo_04 leos_diner_photo_03 leos_diner_photo_02 leos_diner_photo_01