Blue Bottle Coffee Cafe architecture & interior design

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The urban chic space has been done over and over again. However, the team at Schemata architects has found a way to inject modern Japanese aesthetics in way that refreshes the look. This particular case is the cafe located at Nakamegura, Japan.

The design team uses refined plywood and particle board to add notes of natural textures and warmth to an otherwise industrial space. These planes are broken up with unexpected moments of intrigue like glass flooring, and living flora. Overall the highly geometric patterns throughout make this a pure example of human skill bending natural materials to its will. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s something unlike your average coffee shop.

This look has be replicated for the Blue Bottle Coffee brand. A brand that takes this aesthetic throughout its many touch points from packaging through identity. We’ll be posted more of the Blue Bottle projects that Schemata has completed to showcase how a brand’s look and feel can be experienced uniquely without losing the core of the brand.

Architecture and interior design by Schemata Architects














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