Roster is “a vibrant meeting place in the heart of Helsinki. [It] strips away from the formalities of fine dining and rather focus on high quality food, superb service and great ambience.” The brand’s experience is high end with regard to the product and service, but has a sense of approachability and level of chic that feels comfortable. With that as the focus, the team at Bond crafted a brand that excellently melds the two opposing vibes.

Playful illustrations and photography and jostled typography treatments give key touch points a note of fun and whimsy. Antithetically, strong, modern typography and plenty of white space add an air of upscale luxury to the mix. Together they create the right feel that bolsters the interior space and overall experience in a way that’s fresh, and welcomed.

Designed by Bond Agency
Photography by Paavo Lehtonen, Angel Gil, Akseli Valmunen