The Rum space is overwrought with competition mostly playing with the same look. You have your handwritten elements, some distressed stamps, maybe even an illustration of a ship or nautical scene. The identity and brand packaging design for Octo takes a different approach. For one, you don’t even see the product. More importantly is the bold imagery employed as the main focus. Octo uses an obvious cephalopod tentacle, in a singular color which pops off the black and white high contrast background. In the background are images of gruff, pirate-like men which is a nod to rum’s history. It’s gripping and intriguing making you want to stare. All good things for a fresh rum brand.

My only criticism is that the imagery across the rum styles is too similar. I would’ve liked to have seen some variation in the tentacle and more clarity between the portraits. However, it is only a concept brand so we can’t ask for too much, or can we? Great work overall.

Designed by Chiapa Design