McFlop: What you can learn about the McLobster

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Here’s the long and the short of it: Be who you are and don’t stray. Own your brand. Own it 110% all the time. We say this all the time to clients in the restaurant industry. Define your brand promise then stick to it. Don’t waste time with ideas that don’t reinforce the brand.

Case in point: McDonald’s McLobster. Come on. Does anyone think of McDonald’s when they think of a normally luxury item like Lobster? No way. So, why bother with the research, development, product acquisition, marketing and all the other financial requirements it takes to launch a new product?

They’re getting buzz about it for sure, but they’re turning their brand into a bigger joke. It’s a McFlop.

McDonald’s brand promise is something like this: Quick, cheap food that isn’t always all together unhealthy. Lobster isn’t cheap. There is no way it can be good when delivered cheap. It’s a brand breaker.

It’s a McFlop.

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