Budweiser Flash Fans Superbowl Ad

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This. Is. Awesome. Talk about doing something new. This ad uses the extreme fandom of hockey to promote the product. But the key here is, it was never about Budweiser. It was about love. The love of the sport. Love so deep that people play … just to play. So, Budweiser surprises the rec hockey team with something more than a little documentary.

What I love about this is that it’s completely focused on the people and not the brand. In that gesture, they build loyalists. They create fans of Budweiser and position Budweiser as a brand that cares about more than putting their name in front of potential drinkers. The position themselves as a brand that ALSO LOVES THE SPORT and shows that they “get it.”

Very big “well done.”

PS. I freakin’ LOVE hockey: GO DEVS!!

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