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A lot of known restaurants are experimenting with alternative materials in architecture. These are being done as a way to decrease their carbon footprints or as a means to test new locations without committing too much capital to buildout and long term leases. The latest has been done by Softroom Architects for Wahaca. This pop-up restaurant coincides with the Southbank Centre’s summer-long Festival of the World. It’s a brilliant way to push the brand and supply sustenance for the festival goers.

The Daily Tonic reports: Eight recycled shipping containers have been converted into a new pop-up branch of London’s popular Mexican eatery, Wahaca, by the London-based practice Softroom Architects. The brightly-coloured, riverfront structure was erected on Southbank, right in front of the contrastingly monolithic Queen Elizabeth Hall, to coincide with the Southbank Centre’s summer-long Festival of the World. Boasting a dining area spacious enough to accommodate 130 guests, the Wahaca Southbank Experiment will remain open until at least January 2014.

The architecture uses shipping containers stacked in unique ways and renovated with the brand’s look and feel. Quite an awesome look about the place. Wish it were here in the States.











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