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The studio, Maud, designed this excellent and thorough brand identity and accompanying standards for Canteen, a food and drink pioneer in a new development in Sydney. The identity uses a skilled hand to create a highly geometric and visually interesting family of type and graphic treatments. The vibrant red is strong and confident that’s easily recognizable and relatable. The inspiration and direction are best described by the team at Maud:

Based on the ethos that ‘good food leads to good com­munity’, we designed an iden­tity that inspires real food, com­munal cul­ture and a col­lect­ive spirit. Open and straight­for­ward edit­or­ial and warm vibrant col­ours speak to a place of con­nec­tion and turn the notion of a typ­ical food court on it head, while a premium cloth-bound book emphas­ises the mater­i­al­ity and qual­ity of the project.











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