Have you ever been blasted? Do you know someone that has? The answers to those questions are mostly likely “Yes.” Did you like it? Probably not. I mean, who wants to be “blasted?” That’s the mentality of most marketers when they think of email marketing, and that mentality kills the potential of success. Email marketing is not archaic. It still surpasses social and a highly successful means of interacting with an audience. Imagine if you changed the “blast” mentality to a conversation, story-telling one.

Stop Blasting My Mama is a battle cry to make the move from using email marketing as a one-sided, blast mechanism, to creating meaningful moments with your audience. Whether you’re a first-time marketer, restaurant owner, or an expert restaurant designer, Stop Blasting My Mama will get you ramped up on successful practices, and fuel your idea engine for creating an email marketing strategy that works.

Currently available in ebook format (print versions coming soon). Buy it on Amazon or the iBook store

Learn more about the book, its contents, and how to change your email marketing game for your restaurant at www.stopblastingmymama.com