MOS Nordic restaurant branding

Backbone Branding’s writeup was so good, I just reposted it. Call me “lazy” if you want, but it’s Friday people. Just look at the pictures. 😀

MØS is a Nordic restaurant in Moscow presenting the Scandinavian cuisine, traditions and philosophy. Before coming over this challenge we have dived into this philosophy and implemented its whole essence to the MØS brand.

The main approach of Nordic is everything natural – expressed in wholesome food, light and cozy interior and a healthy lifestyle. So the composition in the brand identity is constructed of the elements taken from the nature itself. The deeper we immersed the most we caught the essential of the brand in Nordic direction – minimalism and the simplicity without any complications. Stylizing the nature in the design, we got four main variations of using the brand identity: the belt, free composition, the pattern and the big simple element. Placing them on the brand medias in minimalistic way we played with the compositions, giving them different dispositions and keeping them maximally simplified. Technically, we have made the brand elements flexible and able to be used as a pattern or as a big fragment, wherein not violating the identity mood. One of the main identity elements are the black and white colors the whole brand is kept in.

Keeping Nordic minimalism in each detail, even the crockery was specially designed for MØS brand. Generalizing all specifications, this brand operates successfully, being highlighted in lots of publications and has become a unique, memorable and beloved place for the guests.
Celebrating the Nordic style, MØS restaurant became a strong character brand with its own traditions, and simple in perception for people appreciating the value of nature and healthy lifestyle.

Art Direction/Design: Stepan Azaryan
Design: Kristine Khlushyan
Photography: Backbone Branding

mos_atmosphere_1 mos_business_cards_2 mos_compote_1 mos_cookies_jar mos_dishes_2 mos_grey mos_main mos_menu_1 mos_menu_2 mos_menu_4 mos_milk_5 mos_milk_8 mos_milk_10 mos_pocket mos_process_ceramic_gif mos_tea_pocket mos_waiter mos_water mos_wine_1

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